Post Match Sports Massage

For any athlete, sports massage helps to speed up recovery by increasing blood flow and therefore increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to recovering muscles. It also helps to ease any aches and pains by removing lactic acid from the body after exercise. It can also target any scar tissue that has accumulated around an injured area.

In addition to eating right, getting enough rest & recovery and perhaps even the odd ice bath, sports massage will play a key role in this recovery process.


Rugby is a full contact sport. So bruising and injury are almost a given as a result of the game. A sports massage may be painful when treating certain injuries, but it will help to reduce pain in the long run, speed up the rate at which a player recovers from injury and stop the injuries from becoming more serious problems.

I’m aware not every rugby player is professional, with a physio team on hand or a sports massage as back up after the game. I’m also aware of all the injuries I see from amateur rugby players and the fact that, week after week, guys and girls just play through the pain. That is, until it becomes a problem to play on.

So what I’m saying to you is, book that sports massage appointment when you feel a pull or a strain and get it looked at and dealt with – before it becomes serious.

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