Sports massage should be an important element in your training routine. Most athletes see massage as either relaxation or part of injury repair.  Sports massage should be used on a frequent basis to help minimize injury. By receiving regular sports massage work there are many benefits; enhanced performance, better range of motion and increased muscle condition just to name a few.

Regular massage sessions are integrated into many professional sports routines. These sessions are used pre-event and post-event to reduce the heart rate and blood pressure level, enhance awareness and improve flexibility. 

By incorporating sports massage into an athlete’s training and recovery plan, they are able to create that extra edge and increase ways to reduce the incidence of injury.

Did you know…

The Romans used massage treatments to help reduce fatigue, reduce muscle pain and improve flexibility?  Massage work has been used for hundreds of years at more than just the relaxation level.

The muscles and joints of an athlete become stiff and tense under competitive conditions. Obtaining regular massage treatments sessions helps to stretch the muscles and elongate the soft tissue of the body.  In some cases, stretching alone can aggravate a set of muscles.

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By having a trained massage professional target specific areas, with different modalities, these areas that perhaps an athlete has had difficulty stretching, will now have increased range of motion; something they may not have been  able to be achieve through stretching alone.  It is important to maintain the flexibility of the soft tissue areas to minimize injury and enhance performance.

Receiving regular sports massage for an athlete most importantly helps elevate the performance of that athlete.  Athletes, no matter what level, need to perform at the very top of their capabilities. These specific fine tuning treatments enable the body to extend its range of performance. Increasing flexibility of the muscles and joints is critical to elevating performance and minimizing the possibility of injury.

Benefits of sports massage: 

  • Relieve Pain, Stiffness and Tension in the body. 

  • Greater Mental Awareness and Pain Relief through release of endorphins. 

  • Release of waste products in the muscles brought on by the cumulative stress of everyday training and racing. 

  • Prevent injuries 

  • Recover from injures at a much faster rate. 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety.

Every competitive athlete is looking for an advantage over other competitors as well as finding ways to improve their own personal goals. Sports massage provides a number of important benefits to each athlete.

Are you taking your body to the next level???

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